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Jan 16, Free Leadership Tools for Leaders Seeking Growth
Access free leadership tools to improve your personal and professional development. Access free leadership training tools and resources for improved communication, team building and increased results.
Marty Baddeloo

When Solutions are Kept Simple,

People understand the solution
People accept the solution
People use the solution

We Work with you,

Your managers,
Your team members,
And your organization.

Executive Coaching & Leadership Development,

Strategic Planning,Team Building & Meeting Development

Motivational Workshops And Keynote Speeches

Is your organization


Lead by Management?
      Or Suffering from Damagement?


Set people up for Success,


      And they will be Successful


We provide you with the Tools & Services you need to be successful.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is about you!

Coaching is about providing the support you need to

Maximize your Potential
and Achieve your Goals.
BADD Advice: Leadership Blog

The Four Keys for every Meeting

Respect – respect each other. Most of all, respect yourself

Positive – keep ideas positive

Participation – Life is a participatory Sport, and so is this meeting

Fun – Let’s have some fun with this meeting today.
Leadership Kept Simple

True leaders bring out the best in others, while also helping them reach their goals. Successful leaders build trust in their employees, build a productive team, and lead their organizations to greatness.

Focus on the three keys to Leadership Kept Simple and you will learn:

  • Essence of leadership.
  • Establish credibility and create an effective work environment.
  • Basics of coaching,
  • Motivation, delegation and performance management.
  • Create a higher performing team and
  • Decrease the stress associated with supervision.
Keynotes & Motivational Workshops
Your team deserves to listen and learn from the best!
Marty has successfully applied his management techniques at Rubbermaid, National Can, Modine Manufacturing and America's Pharmacy before founding Solutions Kept Simple.
With almost 30 years of hands-on management experience, Mart's proven successful ideas can be taken back to the office and applied immediately. His out of the box concepts will give your audience something to think about. more
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